While we’re laser-focused on getting the Shinsei Galverse anime into production, the team is overflowing with plans to reward Galverse holders and collectors.

Our roadmap is a set of goals for the team, based on sell-through rates. Once Galverse sells out a certain percentage, we’ll start working on realizing the stated goal. Here’s just a taste of what’s to come over the next 12 months!


Shinsei Galverse Launch!

Watch the launch of Galverse with the team and community!

“Brink of the Universe”

Hang out with the team and holders in this exclusive community space. We’ll meet in the Brink to discuss and engage on our plans to make an anime, including holding votes on creative and commercial direction.


Your Stuff Page

Download awesome art assets featuring your Gal.

Galverse Social Templates

Create custom social banners, icons, and PFPs showcasing your Gal.


The Gal-lery

See all the Gals in existence and learn more about their story. Maybe you can even add to that story, down the line…

Galverse Collaborations

Receive frequent airdrops. We’ll be working on Galverse collaborations with well-known NFT artists from across the metaverse.

Galverse OST

Listen to the banger title track created by Galverse’s very own Emi Satellite!


Manga One-shot

Read a holders-only manga from Galverse’s amazing artist Ayaka-San.

Galverse Merch

Celebrate your love of Galverse: stickers, pins, clothes… figures!

Mysterious Airdrop

Get an exclusive airdrop for holders that builds on your Gal’s backstory and expands her world.



We’re gonna make an anime… together!

Our aim is to make the first Web3 community-driven anime. We’ll start by working on a pilot that will allow us to pitch Galverse to the big studios.